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So yesterday I was at the Valerna photo shoot. Yo the pictures came out crazy. check it out.


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So today R.J. used the  “N” word. It all started when we where watching the movie Blazing Saddles ( shout out to Cleavon Little ). So we’re sitting on the couch watching the movie and everything is cool. Then he pulls out some starburst. Not just any starburst…THE ALL RED ONES. Now you know those is the ones that everybody likes, right? So he starts to open the pack and eat one. So I nicely asked him if could I have one and thats when he said it.  I couldn’t believe that he would just come out and say that to me….I thought we was friends…People have died behind this word!…. and still he just said it to me like it was nothin….”NO”

Me:  Lemme get one a those son

Jerk-ass RJ:  No

you know….”no” is the smallest word…but it hurts the biggest.  these white guys are on super-secret-double-probation…..”until you do right by ME”

over and out

-Prophet Say-yo


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So Christmas was the jump off. Katie and Chris came through with some ill s@♣#* . They gave ya boy HIP HOP sicles . Yea you heard me some HIP HOP ice treys . Jay-Z might have Beyoncé but he never seen anything like this. Yo it has a boom box, a microphone, a dollar sign, and a set of turn tables. No more hot tap water for me . Its good to have people that care about you . YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. And just when I thought it couldn’t get no better Mrs. B came through with some (PB).

Yea thats right some peanut butter all the way from the east coast. Oh yea its on like popcorn now. Good looking out Mrs. B (that means thank you) lol.

R.J’s new years mix for 2009

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Brett left for Boston for the holidays, so here is RJ’s now annual solo mix for the new year which includes 2 unreleased valerna tracks including the new pance party remix “maru”

New Year’s Mix: click here


Valerna – Kaneda (Theme from Akira)
Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (Valerna remix)
SebastiAn – Motor (Broke One remix)
Lil Jon – I do (Pance Party remix)
Valerna – Flamethrower
Mind Electric, The Cut – Sweat
D.I.M. & TAI – Lyposuct
Wale ft. Lady Gaga – Chillin (Oh Snap!! remix)
Tom Stephan – Turn that Shit up
Monolythe – Siberia (JELO remix)
ZXX, Paul Anthony – Let me Bang
Nick Supply – Bastard Face
Something a la Mode – 5am (Valerna remix)
Chemical Brothers – Hey Girl, Hey Boy (Soulwax 2manydjs remix)
Chuckie ft. Jermaine Dupree & Lil Jon – Let the Bass Kick
Valerna – Snakes
Quiet Riot – Cum on Feel the Noise (Kids at the Bar remix)
Nadastrom – Save Us
Pance Party – Maru (Valerna remix)


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A yo check out this exclusive interview of R.J. from Valerna on DRS radio in Switzerland .

DRS Radio – Valerna Interview 12/2009

Valerna – Snakes/Ladders out on Beatport Dec. 18!

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So the new Valrena album is coming out in two days. It features 2, thats right folks  not 1 but 2 hot new bangers. THIS SHIT IS CRACK. So get your pipes and take a big hit .

here’s the sample 128’s via Gotta Dance Dirty on Hype Machine

Tiger Woods Crashes

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So I was talking to R.J. from VALERNA about the Tiger Woods situation and he said “Tiger’s wife has been getting in the phone for a while. But this time was the the one when she finally lost it. Your women does not try to put a golf club through your head the first, second, or third time you cheat.
… she was arguing with him and he decided to run out the door in the middle of the argument, thinkin: (insert dork voice)”i’ll just leave and let her cool off” …and she was not tryin to hear that . So he runs outside and gets in the car and tries to pull off but she was fed the fuck up with the bullshit . So she grabs a 9 iron and swings it at the window of the car “LIKE FUCK THIS SHIT”. She was aiming for his head but he hit the gas and she missed and ended up hitting the back rear window (hum) . then tiger and the tree formally met one another…”
Now whether that’s what happened, we may never know …… but i think he has a GOOD POINT.


They Came From LA: Valerna

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They Came From LA: Valerna (by The Jack Review)


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photo courtesy of

my own track, “the ghetto”, produced by these dorks, hit the homepage of the sixtyone today….major.

click here for the mix


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So today started like any other day. There was not much going on. Valerna is not doing any work today no music no mixes no nothing  just more smoking . I think i could get use to this if i could just make me a PB&J.  You know just like mama use to make…..BUT I STILL DIDN’T GET MY FUCKING (P.B.)PEANUT BUTTER